Find A Cat That Looks Just Like You


Catpling is a matching app for people and cats.

As they say, “like marries like”, we have the nature to be subconsciously affected by someone who looks alike. You can couple and pair yourself with a cat that looks like you with the app. It can also accept a cat's face instead of a human face. If you have a cat already, you can find the second cat.

All the cats introduced here are from groups who shelter cats in need. Every one of them is unique and cute. Not only kittens, but also adult cats are attractive. We hope you know about the sheltered cats, get interested in them and choose the option of fostering them.

Please note that some cats introduced in the app may already be fostered.


How it Works

Upload your face photo

Upload your face photo


Making the most of deep learning, your face is converted into its cat version


Your cat face is used to calculate the likeness with cats in the database and match a look alike sheltered cat.


Contact the group who shelter the cat, after consent with terms and conditions, meet the cat in face and take home.

How About Another Cat

How About Another Cat

The app can also accept a cat's face instead of a human face. This meets the demands of cat owners who want to have more cats.

Matching Examples

Voices of Approval from Shelters

“Fascinating. Fun. Tried it out multiple times; glasses off and on, different expressions, etc.”

“Wishing for an Android version. Def will go and meet my match.”

“Hope more and more cats will be added to the app. It‘ll be awesome if an actual catple were made.”

“Very surprised to find it easy to navigate as well as quick to find a match.”

“Happened to encounter an SNS post and couldn’t help but laugh at the likeness!”

“Got 2% more similar to the cat I got catpled last time.”

Data of More Cats will Help Save More

The more cat profiles added to Catpling, the more cats will be saved.
Your support in any sort of way is always welcome and appreciated.